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1999,  a successful campaign
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Rarely has a campaign produced concrete results so fast:  less than one year to put an end to the centuries-old practice of shackling pottoks.  Rapid measures were taken after One Voice brought this scandal to light

An end to ear-docking

Following lengthy discussions with breeders and local representatives, One Voice convinced many of them to stop cutting notches into their ponies' ears to distinguish between different herds.

Shackles removed

After touring mountain regions once infamous for shackled pottoks, One Voice did not observe a single shackled pony, including in the Ursuya region which before had the highest concentration of shackled ponies.  The campaign appears to have been 100% successful.

Not that One Voice intends dropping its vigilance.  Each year investigators go into the mountains to check on the ponies' welfare.-

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