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Dolphins are perishing in a crude sea cage in Haiti.

One Voice is asking for your immediate help to save them.

Several dolphins have been captured in Haiti by a Mexican capture team. The dolphins are kept in a small and shallow sea cage in the Arcadins Islands, near Port-au-Prince. According to our local contact, the captures have been going on for about three months. He reports that two dolphins have already died and the survivors are not doing well. Some of them have severe scars from the violent capture and are sunburned from the lack of shade.

The crude cage is about 15 feet x15 feet, only five feet deep. This tiny cage holds eight bottlenose dolphins. The Mexican capture team is building a bigger cage and reportedly has plans to capture more dolphins.
Ric O'Barry -- Marine Mammal Specialist with One Voice, France -- is on his way to Haiti to deal with this tragic situation.

The dolphins are suffering tremendously. We urgently need your help to save them. Please take the time to send a polite message to the new Haitian Minister of Environment. Ask him to confiscate the dolphins. Explain to him the cruelty connected with wild dolphin captures, and point out to him that Haiti is going to receive a great deal of bad publicity as a result of this capture. If you represent an organization, please type your message on letterhead and fax or mail it to the Minister. (Or do both, to make sure he receives it.)
Send your letter to:

Monsieur Yves Andre Wainwright
Ministère de l'Environnement
181, Haut Turgeau
Phone: (509) 245-7572/(509)245-9309
Fax: 509 245-7360
Email: dgmde@rehred-haiti.net

Some of the departing regime is still in the palace in Port-au-Prince. They may intercept your message to the Minister. Therefore, we need a copy of your letter so that we can hand deliver it to the Minister and the media.
Please fax a copy of you letter to CSI in the United States at: 203-431-1606
You may also call the minister to ask if your message got through.
Please send a copy of your e-mail message to heleneobarry@bellsouth.net
We need to put pressure on the government to do the right thing. Every letter counts. We have a real chance at getting these dolphins out of their cage and returned to the open sea.
Thank you so much.

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