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One Voice is active in the field. It is the only French organisation to have legally rescued laboratory animals. It works in active collaboration with French Customs to fight illegal imports of exotic animals and protected species. It also carries out investigations, for example at horse fairs and in the mountains of the Basque region where it revealed the scandal of shackled pottoks, a campaign that ended in victory.

Some of our success stories...

30. 100,000 people signed the petition to ban animals in French circuses (January 2004).

29. The first bear cubs were transferred to the Agra sanctuary in India, following the arrest of illegal traders (January 2004).

28. 33 chinchillas were rescued following closure of a fur farm in Eastern Europe (December 2003).

27. Investigations into fur farms in France and Eastern Europe (autumn 2003).

26. One Voice infiltrated an illegal network trading puppies and kittens between the Czech Republic and France via Spain and Belgium (summer 2003).

25. Investigation in Vietnam into dog meat and illegal bear bile farms (February 2003).

24. A petition of 125,000 signatures was submitted to the European Union concerning the welfare of pottok ponies (autumn 2002).

23. Successful opposition to a project to open a laboratory in the Indre region in France (autumn 2002).

22. A petition of 133,000 signatures was submitted to the European Commission, opposing renewed animal testing as part of the REACH programme (September 2002).

21. A sanctuary was opened for the first rescued bears in Agra, India (December 2002).

20. Investigation into India's "dancing bears", an illegal and cruel practice that also threatens the bears' existence in the wild (September 2002).

19. One Voice uncovered an illegal network bringing puppies and kittens from Eastern Europe via Belgium to be sold in French pet shops. Legal action is pending (February 2002).

18. Nine dogs were freed from a laboratory; eight had been experimented on for two years and one for five years (October 2001).

17. Two puppies were saved from animal experimentation (summer 2001).

16. A man was found to be mistreating and eating dogs he obtained through small ads; 39 dogs were rescued (February 2001).

15. November 2000: police questioned France's biggest trader in puppies prior to his trial and sentencing in Spring 2003.

14. The first ever investigation of French laboratories: the true face of animal experimentation (2000).

13. The rescue of Achille, a 36 year-old chimpanzee who had spent his entire life locked in a 3 sq. m. cage in a circus lorry (July 2000).

12. The closure of laboratory animal houses for failure to respect legislation, a first in France.

11. Pledges made by several cosmetics companies to test neither their ingredients nor finished products on animals.

10. Successful opposition to dozens of battery farm projects.

9. In active collaboration with French Customs, dozens of animals from protected species were rescued, following which several traffickers were charged and sentenced.

8. The rescue of several hundred farm animals.

7. Banning of shackles used to restrict the movement of pottok ponies (1999).

6. Campaigning that resulted in refused authorisation to extend a mink fur farm.

5. The withdrawal of plans to build Europe’s biggest primate breeding centre for vivisection, thanks to which over 700 animals have been saved from torture each year (1999).

4. The blocking of three projects by Marshall Farms to breed 2,000 dogs for vivisection (1997, 1998 and October 1999 in Montbeugny-Allier).

3. The rescue of four beagles, destined for vivisection, and three cats that had already been experimented on for two years (1999).

2. The rescue of 18 lemurs from a laboratory in Alsace (1997).

1. The first ever legal release in France of 36 macaques from a Parisian laboratory (1996).

They are all now leading a happy life in a wildlife refuge.


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