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Do you feel for the defenceless creatures that are victims of human violence ?

One voice for all the planet

Will Man accept to give up his frenzied desire for domination?  Man flouts human rights, ill-treats billions of animals, destroys ecosystems, causing thousands of animal and plant species to disappear, and poses a grave threat to the natural balance of the biosphere.

One Voice adds its actions to the joint effort to defend human rights, animal rights and environmental rights.

At a time of growing awareness of the intrinsic value of non-human life, we face a choice and a challenge:  to radically rethink our relationship with animals and the living world as a whole, or to jeopardize our planet's future.

One Voice speaks out to bring animals inside the circle of compassion and solidarity, and to recognise their rights.

One voice for those that have no rights

One Voice bases its philosophy on "reverence for life," a principle that was dear to our patron, Théodore Monod.
Each animal must be respected for itself and recognised as an individual with its own intrinsic value… its own dignity.

Our mission

We carry out investigations and spearhead campaigns to inform the public, and put pressure on authorities to amend both national and European legislation.

Change attitudes :  animal welfare is seen by many as a non-issue.  We want animals to be recognised as sensitive beings, capable of feeling pleasure and pain, and of distinguishing an experience as positive or negative for their own well-being.
Reveal and combat animals' suffering :  One Voice draws public attention to individual acts of cruelty, but also the cruelty that hides behind political and economic factors, and so-called traditions.
Defend animals' right to dignity :  our goal is for animals to no longer be considered as objects.  They must be treated fairly and benefit from rights that will guarantee their fundamental desire for a life free from suffering.

Promote a just and noble combat : 
One Voice shares the same values as those that defend human rights:  solidarity and compassion for the most vulnerable.
Encourage responsibility : 
The arbitrary right to freely use and abuse animals and their natural surroundings can have no moral justification.  It also has serious repercussions on our environment and our health.  Surely a sense of responsibility should guide our acts?

One voice for those that have no voice

We use legal and non-violent means to oppose crimes against animals.  Our methods respect Man's most noble values, the most important of which is complete respect for the moral and physical integrity of all living beings.
Campaigns and objectives

One Voice works to defend :

• laboratory animals : 
ban the testing of cosmetics, chemicals and weapons on animals; end experiments on primates, dogs and cats... 
One Voice is a member of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments that brought the "cosmetics directive" before the European Parliament.

• pets :  dismantle illegal trade rings.

• wild animals :  make it illegal to capture bears or use them to commercial ends; outlaw seal hunts; recognise great apes' rights; ban animal acts in circuses.

• farm animals :  ban factory-farming and limit transportation time. We will continue to defend animals for as long as necessary, wherever they are and whatever difficulties we face, including desperate and unpopular causes.


A voice for every animals


Beyond giving back a life, each rescue shows the face of animals' suffering and reveals the human faces that inflict it.

The refusal to recognise animals as individuals is a means of continuing to deprive them of their rights.  This is why we give all the animals we rescue a name.

"The error of ethics has been that it is limited to Man's behaviour towards Man when the question is how Man behaves towards the world and towards all the living beings that he meets on his way."


One Voice supports sanctuaries that rescue animals that are threatened with extinction and help return them to the wild.


Your voice for animals and the planet

We have created hell on earth for animals.  
Now let us offer them a more humane society.  
History has shown that brutality always gives 
in to generosity of the mind and of the heart.

Join One Voice.

Let your voice speak for those that have no voice.

Thank you.

Muriel Arnal - Founder and Chairwoman.
© One Voice