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France’s biggest supplier of dogs to laboratories

In Animaction n° 19 we reported on Michel Carré and his company, CEDS, France’s biggest supplier of dogs to laboratories, whose huge kennels are discreetly located in Mézilles, near Auxerre. Here is the second part of our report.

More information to fuel our case We continued our investigations, inviting Michel Carré to meet us, an invitation he refused. Shortly after he installed plastic all the way round the kennels, but not before we had taken a series of heartbreaking photos. They show employees hosing down dogs, handling them brutally, testing them (possibly to see which bitches are on heat, or to take blood samples), and bundling dogs into cages to be transported in lorries… to who knows what terrible destination? Congratulations to our investigators for doing such a difficult job, taking clear photos using telephoto lenses and hiding in bushes, sometimes just a few meters away from kennel staff, but above all for staying calm despite their longing to intervene when dogs are driven away for vivisection, before their eyes. Having flown over the kennels in a light aircraft, One Voice has ordered aerial photos from the “Institut géographique national” for further verification. One Voice keeps its promise to do everything it can to protect animals.

Legal action

Once again assisted by Fabienne Filpi, our marvellous lawyer, we are preparing to take legal action on three grounds. We will only briefly outline them here, having learned from Michel Carré himself that he receives a copy of Animaction! The GEFA (an association of breeders and suppliers of animals for laboratories) has taken out a subscription in the name of an individual whom we do not know, and then diffuses information among its members. They are not alone, as the fur traders union has adopted the same tactic, as one of its members “kindly” informed us. Quite clearly One Voice has them worried, and so much the better. Happy reading gentlemen!

1. There are four to five times too many dogs in relation to the total size of the buildings. Such overcrowding increases the risk of fighting among the dogs. Legislation on the conditions in which animals can be kept and bred (decree of October 25th 1982) states that dogs in kennels must be kept in pens that are suitable to their size, with a minimum of 5 square metres per dog. Fencing must be at least 2 metres high. The animals must have access to shade.

In a detailed written statement of case, One Voice (then known as Talis) successfully used this decree in its opposition to the Marshall Farms project (see Animaction 13 and 14). Michel Carré puts forward the same arguments as Marshall Farms, i.e. that the law does not require the same standards for laboratory dogs. Sadly this is true, but not when they are at breeders’ kennels, even when they are ultimately destined for laboratories. What justification could there be for this backward logic that penalises these dogs in relation to others, even before they begin their life of hell in laboratories? Is it, as spokespersons for Marshall Farms explained, quite seriously, so that the dogs can get used to the terrible conditions that await them?

2. The kennels continue to represent an environmental nuisance, and it would seem that legislation in this domain has not been respected. One Voice is in contact with a company that owns the surrounding forests, and which also envisages taking legal action against CEDS, in a civil court rather than in a criminal court as One Voice intends doing.

3. CEDS also operates a discreet laboratory on the site, which was almost certainly not mentioned when applying for permission to open the kennels. This is the first thrust in One Voice’s long battle against CEDS, similar companies and their clients. We are aiming for the abolition of vivisection and this means the eradication of its symbols, wherever they may be. One Voice will keep you informed of future developments, and will be calling on your active contribution so that everyone will know just what is going on in Mézilles.

translation: Sandra Petch

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